Whether you are protecting a home or business, the things that are important to you should be watched. HometechIT has the tools and expertise to install a camera system that can give you the peace of mind that you seek.

A camera system is always recording, watching, protecting, and available to you from anywhere. Our systems are state of the art. With a camera system installed by HometechIT you can keep an eye on your property, your pets, your family and employees from anywhere in the world from a web browser or your mobile phone!

Every system comes with a FREE Mobile App for iPhone, iPad and Android Phones & Tablets!

Things to Think About

If you are planning on installing security cameras, thinking about the following questions will help us understand what your needs are:

  • How many cameras will I need?
  • Are the cameras to be located indoor or outdoor?
  • Are the cameras going to be recording areas that are well lit?
  • Do I want the cameras to move (pan/tilt/zoom)?
  • Do I want to remotely control the movement of the cameras?
  • Will there be an internet connection available to the cameras at all times?
  • How much time (in weeks) do I want to be able to rewind the video?

Common Questions

What do the cameras look like?
Hometech carries a full line of camera styles for a variety of applications. Most people prefer the DOME style cameras pictured above (top left) but we also carry bullet style and a variety of hidden style cameras and microphones in many sizes and shapes as well. ALL of our cameras include authentic SONY lenses and vary in resolution from 540TVL to HD-1080P depending on your budget and size limitations.

What does the mobile app look like?
The mobile app is incredibly easy to use and one of the most intuitive in the industry. It is finger friendly, multi-touch capable, rotatable, etc. To watch older footage you can easily select a date and time and press PLAY to instantly view the scene.


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