This page describes what’s included in our Managed IT Services Plan. To learn about managed services, please visit this page which explains it and differences from classic break/fix services.


We sat down to think what we would want in a technology partner, if we were running any other business…


INTRODUCTION: The type of managed services plan we offer is considered in the industry to be an “all you can eat plan.” This means that we envision ourselves to be your technology partner – always available for technical guidance and support. The process we have developed over the years to manage and maintain your technology is unmatched. Our process is meant to keep your systems running well, and your data available, yet secure. So you can rest easy. You have enough on your plate. Our plan is also meant to take a burden away from your employees. Consult with us to learn of the latest trends in your industry. Use our live help desk to give on demand support to your employees. Rely on us to maintain your systems running optimally, and to restore order if the unexpected occurs.

Below are the most common questions we get asked regularly about Managed IT Services.

How does the plan work?

We charge a flat fee per month per computer/user/server/device or seat, for maintenance. There is a minimum 12 month agreement required. In exchange for our fee, you get the following:

  • A team of IT pros that take responsibility over your systems, and actively maintain them in optimal condition.
  • We deploy updates and security patches on a regular weekly schedule to all workstations and servers.
  • You receive unlimited live help desk services during business hours.
  • Your computers and servers receive maintenance every week on a schedule.
  • Your data backups are scheduled and monitored and reports are emailed.
  • Network and Data Security is monitored and maintained according to governing regulations and proven practices.


How is the cost calculated?

  • We charge a flat fee per month per computer/user/server/device/seat, for maintenance.
  • The larger the network, the less you pay per device with various price breaks as quantities increase.
  • Take advantage of this by uniting all of your locations and remote employees under one support company, regardless of location.


What the plan covers:

The intention of the plan is to keep your network running and your staff operating. If there is a problem, anyone can report it to create a ticket in our system. Within minutes a technician will be remotely connected to the affected system and communicating with the user to properly identify the issue and begin working on it. Our support agent will work remotely and take ownership of the case. Our team will call in the support technicians from other companies if needed to resolve a case. Once the issue is resolved, the user will be alerted and the case will be closed.
Your staff can call our live help desk for support as often as needed.


How do you monitor my network?

Each device on your network will receive our software agent installed on it, which reports back to our system every 15 minutes with status updates and key metrics that will also allow us to deliver maintenance and repair services remotely and automatically.


What if I need someone onsite?

Sometimes a problem has been diagnosed and unsuccessful attempts have been made to repair it remotely. In these cases the issue will be escalated to an on-site visit. Systems that need in-person attention will receive it. Usually the same day or the following day after the call, depending on the circumstances. Any labor delivered to you to maintain or restore proper operation of your systems is included in the plan and you will not be charged. You don’t have to watch the clock, it’s covered.


What the plan does not cover:

  • The plan does not include service beyond business hours.
  • The plan does not include materials to complete a repair.
  • Parts, materials or software used to complete a repair will be charged separately and added to the following monthly invoice but you will be notified in advance or authorization will be sought.
  • Often a technician will be onsite and staff members will ask for various items such as keyboards, mice, battery packs (UPS), etc. These items are not included. However, the items may be provided instantly because we usually carry spares, but a charge will appear on the on the following invoice.
  • Our technical support to the desktop extends to the computer and to the connected devices, but does not cover those devices themselves. If a technician determines that a peripheral (like a printer or scanner) attached to a computer is faulty or the root cause of the problem, best efforts will be given to solve the problem. We will even communicate with the manufacturer’s support team, but ultimately the client will be advised to replace or remove the device and the support call will end if methods prove unsuccessful.


What other benefits do you get with the plan?

  • You get unlimited remote technical support during standard business hours M-F 8AM – 6PM.
  • Your calls are prioritized over non plan customers.
  • We have a two-hour guarantee before escalation.
  • We include managing your local data backups for your business.
  • Unlimited Live Help Desk calls available during business hours.
  • We provide unlimited consultations and advice as well as product sales and recommendations.
  • Your plan includes FREE and secure remote access – for you and your employees to work remotely.


What other subscriptions may be added to my monthly maintenance plan?

  • Online/Cloud Backup Services. Always a flat fee , no surprises, receive a nightly backup report.
  • Email Security Services. Priced per mailbox to control costs.
  • Additional Antivirus – charged per computer, per month.
  • PDF Editing Software. Priced per computer. No Subscriptions. Best value on the internet.
  • Microsoft Office365 Email or Office software subscriptions.
  • For more addons available, please visit our Software Sales page

With a Managed Services agreement from HometechIT, you can instantly reduce the overhead costs to run your business. There are NO Surprises. Your costs are low and predictable, month after month.

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