Network Design & Repair

Network Switch

Networking is more than just plugging stuff in. HomeTech offers complete network installation services.  If you are considering adding wireless or Ethernet to an existing network, installing a new network; or if you are just having issues with an existing network, our techs are here to help.


Wired Networks:

Wired networks are still the best! They are built for speed and security. Ethernet networks using Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6 and FiberOptic cable make the most reliable, fastest, and most secure networks. It is the standard for offices around the world. Let our wiring team come to your office or any jobsite and professionally install a wired network for you. We have wired homes, offices, entire buildings and office parks for fast, reliable and secure communications. HomeTech offers Pre and Post construction structured cabling, and even retrofitting in almost any environment. See our Wiring/Cabling page for more information. There is no network too small or too large. Contact Us today!!


Wireless Networks (WiFi):

Wireless networks allow you to have most of the advantages of a wired network without the wires and fuss! Our technicians have vast experience from configuring a simple home wireless access point to building a customized commercial solution for buildings and public access areas. We have installed private wireless networks for homes and commercial hotspots for corporations and vacation resorts. Wireless gives you mobility plus convenience. Signal ranges can vary from site to site and physical obstacles in or around buildings may affect the range of your network. Contact us today for a FREE site survey and quote!


Multiple Office and VPN Networks:

When you need to link several offices together or you have employees that work from home (telecommute), they need to be able to log in to the office from their home computer or on the road while enjoying the sucurity of being at the office. We can facilitate this for you. We are able to connect individual computers or entire networks together over the internet in an encrypted tunnel that allows constant communication between the sites and makes them “virtually” connected. You get the convenience of mobility, plus security! Contact Us today for all your remote office and VPN networking needs!


Virtual Networks & Desktops:

Starting a business and cant afford rent yet? Looking to save money on equipment? Have a Mobile team? Ask us about Virtual Networks and Virtual Desktops!  This is the hottest new trend in office cost reduction! For a low flat monthly fee you can have your whole team work from anywhere with an internet connection and still be connected, working together, and sharing files. There is NO hardware to buy, NO up-front costs, and NO contracts! Contact Us today to help you save money and stay productive!


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