Data Recovery Services

If you didnt heed the backup warnings and now you find yourself with a damaged hard drive or lost data, it is NOT too late. We have data recovery services that can help you recover your data. The recovery labs we work with have well over an 85% recovery rate.


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Types of media we can scan:

  • Desktops  |  Laptops  |  External Hard Drives  |  Media Cards  |  USB Memory Sticks  |  RAID, NAS, SAN  |  Digital Cameras  |  Tapes  |  MP3 Players, iPhones and iPods


Types of files we can recover:

  • Any file type created on a PC or Mac
  • Any file type that can be read on a PC or Mac
  • Any file type that can be opened, used, played, read, or modifed on a PC or Mac


We have teamed up with the nations leading data recovery centers to get your data back quickly.
Every case is different so please Contact Us today for a free estimate and evaluation of your case.